The Force Is Strong With This R2-D2 PlayStation 4 Laptop [Gallery]


Ed Zarick has constructed a fantastic Star Wars themed PS4 laptop – complete with R2-D2’s design and sound effects.

The Escapist has been an admirer of Ed Zarick’s work for quite some time. This self-taught engineer specializes in custom laptops built with modern consoles, including an Xbox One, a PlayStation 4, and even combinations of the two. But Zarick has truly undone himself with a very special Star Wars-themed PlayBook 4. What’s so wonderful about it, you ask? It’s modeled after the always-loyal R2-D2, complete with 3D printed parts, lights, and even sound effects.

“I must say, this has been my most favorite system to work on to date,” Zarick writes on his blog. “It kind of pays respect to the R2 XBOX 360 system [from] a while ago. A R2-D2 Theme has been a lot of fun and I was really able to use my imagination on this guy.”

The R2-D2 PlayBook 4 is similar to Zarick’s standard model, complete with the included PS4 console. The exterior, however, is based on R2-D2’s colors and design. Not only did Zarick use scaled down 3D printed R2 parts, he even included the red/blue light that changes color randomly while active. Of course the most charming elements are R2’s sound effects, which I know would encourage me to talk to the system no matter what I was playing.

Unlike previous PS4 and Xbox One models, the R2-D2 unit does not appear to be for sale – likely because Disney’s lawyers would take issue with that. Instead, this is just one example of custom work Zarick could produce for his system. Which is a shame, because I would adore playing Star Wars: Battlefront with R2-D2 once it arrives.

Source: Ed’s Junk, via Gamespot

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