The Force Is Strong With This Show


A short time in the future, in an arena not terribly far away, you’ll get to see Star Wars: A Musical Journey.

Coming to London’s 02 arena starting next April, the show, which spans all 6 films, will feature live narrators instead of actors, as well as John Williams’ re-written score, edited down to two hours.

The combination of the talents of LucasFilm and John Williams would be great at any time; but when they’re promising to take the greatest bits of the prequels and the sequels, this is something that may just please both the rival camps. That in itself would be worth the ticket price.

Unable to get to London? That may not be a problem as the show has plans for a European tour, though no dates or places have been confirmed as of yet.

In addition to the show, which will be performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, an exhibition of the original pieces of Star Wars memorabilia will also be on display. Unfortunately, one of the pieces that won’t be there is Mark Hammil’s lightsaber, as that has just been sold for $200,000 at an auction in LA.

Tickets, which will cost you between £30 and £100, will go on sale on this coming Monday.

Source : BBC

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