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The Funniest Star Wars: The Force Awakens Memes And Fan Videos


We’ve collected our favorite The Force Awakens joke and memes. Merry Christmas!

I’ll admit it: I never thought for a second that I’d be positively salivating at the thought of a new Star Wars film. The horrible prequels, the way George Lucas spent the better part of a decade doing to the original trilogy what Michael Jackson did to his face, whatever it was you hate most, we can all agree that the franchise seemed to have been thoroughly flogged to death.

And yet here we are, with the first official trailer for next year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens that looks… ok, holy shit it looks pretty great doesn’t it? Sure, the film could still suck, but at least it looks like a real movie instead of a cartoonish mess. Suddenly, I’m ready to love Star Wars again. And so is everyone else, apparently, because the Internet basically broke.

We’ll have to wait for another year to find out if the film is actually any good, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the anticipation now. So let’s indulge in a little hype worship. We’ve collected some of the funniest fan responses to the new trailer, from video edits, to tattoos, to memes. Read on, and enjoy.


First up, merry Christmas happy Life Day! This image has been passed all over the Internet. I’ve not been able to locate the source, but we’ll be linking to it as soon as we do.


Swiss Jedi Knife(?)

Obviously, the most talked-about part of the trailer is the ith warrior wielding what appears to be the force-sensitive equivalent of a medieval broadsword. Ridiculous? Yes. Badass? Also yes. But how much more badass would it be if you could also open a beer with it? Actually, not much, but at least you can slice off your hand while fishing now, thanks to this Swiss Army version of the Jedi broadsword.

Source: Reddit.


Perhaps the world’s first The Force Awakens Tattoo.

I’m fairly well covered in incredibly nerdy tattoos, so I definitely don’t disapprove of this amazing ink based on the soccer droid. I will admit part of me thinks “hey, maybe wait to see if this movie is any good first.” But then I think “shut up, voice of reason!” because this is pretty great.

Source: Ibreckon on Instagram.


A Punchline 30 Years In The Making

This about sums up 30 years of Star Wars fandom in a nutshell, and I love it.

Source: Haschbeutel on Twitter.


In The Force, You Win Or You Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

It’s really too bad poor stupid Ned Stark couldn’t come back as a Force ghost to warn Robb about the Red Wedding. Oh well.

Source: Frikimalismo on Twitter.


Sith Pinwheel

Yep, these things are only going to get more ridiculous as we go on. And I LOVE IT NEVER CHANGE.

Source: DustinMSandoval on Twitter.

Because JJ Abrams Has A Reputation

More than one person has put together videos pointing out the aspect of JJA’s filmic oevre weirdly missing from the new trailer. Thank you, your service is appreciated.


Another Sith Army Knife

Again, these things are only going to get more baroque as we go on. Which, yay!

Source: Live_for_Films on Twitter.


There Is Nothing You Can Possess That I Cannot Bleepboo Beep

Or maybe Indiana Jones and the Astromech Warranty?

Source: Darthbx on Twitter.

Lego Star Wars 7

Nothing to add except that I love this so hard.


The Most Epic Battle Ever

Just in case your forgot about the true meaning of Life Day.

Source: soylentbuns on Twitter.


The Walking Jedi GET IT?

This modified image is better than every single thing in The Walking Dead seasons 1-3.

Source: NewsOfTheDead on Twitter.

lego sith lightbroadsword

Lego Sith Can’t Help But Be Adorable

The guy who made this has an entire series of amazing pop culture lego creations on his Flickr account, and you need to check them all out.

Source: Thereeljames on Flickr.

lego droid

Admit it: This IS The Droid You’re Looking For

Another creation by the previous artist, and it’s so so good.

Source: Thereeljames on Flickr.

sith mega blades

This. I Want All Of This

Admit it: you’d buy this toy, right?

Source: Imgurbannedmebutnowimback on imagur.


Everything Is Better With Chainsaws

This is so awesome I wish someone would make an actual toy based on it. Please do that, random toy making person on the Internet!

Source: Frturner on imgur.


Happy Life Day, Again!

This here is an original comic/gif that ably gets across how unintentionally Santa-like the Sith really are.

Source: enerJax.

Yeah, Weird Random Weirdness

Nothing to add here except hoookay. But I laughed a lot, and maybe you will too!



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