Microsoft has revealed plans to commission a third season of the funnier-than-it-has-any-right-to-be video series The Guild for the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The series, created by MMO junkie, frequent Joss Whedon collaborator and geek dream girl Felicia Day (pictured at right), focuses on the lives of five online roleplaying gamers.

Despite the characters’ key link being the game they play together — which, while similar, is legally distinct from World of Warcraft — the show rarely features any actually gaming, instead favoring the trials of life in the real world for those whose social skills are honed in an online realm.

Needless to say, it’s been a hit with MMO devotees, an accomplishment aided by the series’ intensely clever writing, and sharp comedic timing.

As with Season 2, the upcoming third year of The Guild will appear first on Microsoft platforms, including the Xbox Live Marketplace, MSN and the firm’s Zune platform. No launch date has yet been revealed for Season 3, though The Hollywood Reporter claims the new episodes will enter production in June.

Normally this is where I’d make a snarky comment about this post’s subject matter, but I genuinely like everything about The Guild. It’s witty, avoids condescension … and did I mention that Felicia Day is adorable? She’s the human embodiment of a basket of puppies tucked into an even larger basket of kittens.

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