If you’ve never before considered your gaming knowledge to be inadequate, then put your brain (and your eyesight) to the test.

Hardcore gamers tend to pride themselves on their gaming knowledge: the more obscure, the better. Hell, that’s the entire point behind some of our weekly quizzes, when you really think about it. But DeviantART user shadow502t put together an “IQ Test” of sorts that will blow your mind and make you feel completely and wholly inadequate.

On the other hand, it might also make you feel like you’ve spent entirely too much time in your short life playing videogames, but there you go.

In addition to just naming all “375 games and more than 425 characters,” in the picture, there are some other further challenges:

-What 2 games here never came out?
-Which 10 characters appear more than once?
-What character stars in the most games?
-What games are represented solely by an enemy character, not the hero?
-Which 5 games are just represented by an object?
-Which characters were their consoles’ “mascots”?
-Which is the oldest game on display?
-Which characters are hunting or watching each other?
-Which characters are dead?

And finally, my favorite: Where are all 20 Fallout 3 bobbleheads hidden?

Care to test your luck?

(Via Kotaku)

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