Though April showers may come your way, they bring the mighty Highlander assault mech that will blow you away.

The MechWarrior Online April content update is here and it’s brought some serious firepower with it in the form of the long-awaited Highlander, a 95-ton assault mech that was teased with concept art back in October 2012 but is only just now taking to the field. In an unusual twist, the team has elected to release the “Hero” version of the mech, a great, pink beast named Heavy Metal that actually plays music when you score a kill, first, while the base variants won’t turn up for a couple more weeks.

But that’s not all! April will also see the addition of artillery and air strike consumables that bring down the big hammer on line-of-sight targets, changes to team structure and the BattleGrid, improved thermal and night vision, better ballistic hit detection for high-ping players and plans for two more “main events” this month. Piranha is also adding a new style of Hero battlemech called “Champions” that add a permanent five percent experience boost and lower price point to existing variants.

The Heavy Metal Hero mech is already available, along with a handful of new cockpit items, while the first Champion mech will arrive on the 12th and the standard Highlander variants will hit on the 19th. The full lowdown on the MechWarrior Online April update is up at

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