The History Channel has announced a follow-up to this year’s RTS-RPG release Great Battles of Rome, entitled The History Channel: Great Battles of the Middle Ages.

The game will be based on the Hundred Years’ War, featuring an all-new engine and play system that will better simulate the massive scale of epic medieval combat. Video clips from the History Channel library will also be integrated into the game.

“The huge commercial success of our first release has pointed us in the right direction,” said Iain McNeil, Director of Slitherine, the company behind Great Battles of Rome. “For us it’s a fresh challenge to develop a game that will embrace new audiences of the next-gen consoles. It’s also an opportunity to listen to the community of thousands of players we established with The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome. We are sure we will match their expectations with the release of our next title.”

Carrie Trimmer, Director of Licensing at History Channel parent A&E Television Networks, added, “The success of The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome was the result of close collaboration between Slitherine Strategies and the History Channel. The combination of an innovative game engine and contextual programming content made for truly experiential gameplay. We anticipate even greater success with this new title.”

Specific release platforms were not named, but the new engine will be “optimized for next-generation consoles.” The History Channel: Great Battles of the Middle Ages is scheduled for release in 2008.

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