The latest addition to David Hasselhoff’s list of credits is a new and incredibly bizarre ad for Burnout Crash! in which he literally lays an egg.

I can remember a time when David Hasselhoff was cool. Not ironically cool, not post-cool, not “cautionary tale” cool, but straight-up, balls-out, no-foolin’ cool. Sure does seem like a long time ago. Probably because it was a long time ago, but that’s not something I really like to think about very much.

Instead, I’ll distract myself with this new ad for Burnout Crash!, the latest release in the Burnout series that’s available now on XBLA and PSN. It really needs to be seen to be appreciated, but the crash [Crash!] course version is this: the Hoff crashes [Crashes!] a party, informs all and sundry that they’re a bunch of primitive chumps and then uses the power of Kinect to crap out a giant egg onto an ice cream truck.

Like I said, it really needs to be seen.

I suppose you can do whatever you want when you’re the Hoff and that, as the Hoff, you’d know best about this sort of thing. It’s all officially above reproach, in other words, but it still sure seems like a far cry from the days of hanging out with Gary Coleman and Mr. T.

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