The Implied Sex Cut Scene Has Got to Go


Sex in videogames is often a passive experience, but how much would the experience improve if those cutscenes were playable?

Most developers avoid the playable sex scene for varying reasons: public outcry from protective parents, or to avoid an R rating. Michael Deneen, writer for The Escapist’s issue 160, also sees another issue with the cut-scene sexplay. It can turn an otherwise emotional, compelling experience into porn.

If the goal is to create a meaningful emotional experience for the player, skipping the relationship in favor of instant gratification closely mimics the porn formula. Instead of a reward, sex becomes happenstance, which has the potential create ridiculous situations. Take away the consequences, and the player’s actions become irrelevant to the world and progression of the game. Likewise, omit the character’s personal status and you undermine the meaning of the encounter itself.

Deneen goes on to explain how a videogame sex scene could be created that would avoid the dual pitfalls of being classified as a porn or sexist. Read more in “Pressing the Right Buttons,” and share your experiences with sex-scene gameplay with us.

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