The Invincible Marek Markuszewski interview Starward Industries The Escapist video game release date trailer graphics gameplay details exclusive concept art sci-fi book adaptation of Stanisław Lem

Starward Industries has published a behind-the-scenes “Chronicles” video for The Invincible that offers just a bit of gameplay from its upcoming sci-fi novel-to-video game adaptation. Game director Marek Markuszewski and community manager Michał Napora introduce players to the retro-futuristic, Mars-like sights and sounds of Regis III, as well as the game’s protagonist, Dr. Yasna. There’s a little bit of additional in-engine footage here, too, with some first glimpses at The Invincible gameplay. The final release will offer a non-linear, cinematic story, and you can watch the behind-the-scenes “Chronicles” video for The Invincible below for more.

Starward gave us a The Invincible teaser sans any gameplay in an in-engine video last month, but the developer provides more information on The Invincible at its interactive website, including a useful summary of what to expect from the choice-driven narrative:

Regis III in the Lyra constellation. Place of your mission. Your name is Yasna, and you are a scientist with a lot of experience under your belt. That you remember. Everything else is somehow behind a fog. You know you didn’t come here alone. The entire crew was with you. They didn’t suddenly dissolve into thin air. You have to… no, you want to go out and find them. Find out what happened. Your intuition tells you that apart from the answers to your questions, you will discover something more…

You won’t be completely alone in The Invincible, however, as Starward promises a distant companion in the form of an Astrogator who can only be communicated with over the radio. Yasna will also have access to a probe and her analog equipment, using it all to explore and discover more about the sci-fi world of Regis III.

The Invincible will launch on PC and consoles sometime in 2022, and we can look forward to more gameplay and behind-the-scenes videos in the meantime.

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