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The Invincible Release Date Trailer Reveals November Launch

The Invincible Release Date Trailer Reveals November Launch PS5 Xbox PC

Developer Starward Industries and publisher 11 Bit Studios have revealed a release date for The Invincible, plotting a course to launch for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S on November 6, 2023. A tense new trailer was published to help announce the date. Although the trailer doesn’t show too much that we haven’t already seen, it still manages to serve as a great tease for the mysterious adventure yet to come. Specifically, the footage highlights the twists and turns players will enjoy during their time on the mind-bending planet of Regis III. For your latest look at Starward’s video game adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s novel of the same name, you can see The Invincible release date trailer below.

Starward’s journey to a release date for The Invincible has been long. The studio announced its thriller adaptation all the way back in 2021, with its first trailer promising top-notch animations and a gripping, retro-futuristic story at the time. At the center of that narrative is Yasna, a witty astrobiologist who finds herself tasked with finding her missing crew on an eerie planet. Avoiding Regis III’s threats and piecing together the crew’s fate is the primary draw of The Invincible, so to help celebrate its release date reveal, Starward has created a bone-chilling display for Gamescom 2023 attendees to enjoy. Those at the show can get a closer look at the display (below) this week and try out The Invincible demo.

The Invincible Release Date Trailer Reveals November Launch

The Invincible Release Date Trailer Reveals November Launch Gamescom

The Invincible is only a little more than two months from its release date. In 2021, we got the opportunity to interview Starward about its sci-fi project. During our chat, studio founder Marek Markuszewski opened up about The Invincible gameplay loop, size, and tone. Be sure to check it out while we wait for the game to finally make its way to PC and consoles in a few months.

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