The iPad: So Simple a Cat Can Use It


How simple is the iPad and its games? One adorable fluffy kitty demonstrates precisely that.

I’m not exactly a fan of Apple products myself, but I will say this: The iPad (and products like it) are pretty damn intuitive for people to use. Why, they’re so intuitive that you could use them by randomly batting at the screen – like, say, a cat.

Which is exactly what one iPad owner’s feline friend does, as seen in the video above. The cat – named Iggy – makes his way through the iPad port of Keita Takahashi’s Noby Noby Boy ($2), and then paws through the “Magic Piano” app ($3) just fine. And he looks adorable while doing it. Aww, who’s a cute little iPad user? You are, yes you are!

Not only are Iggy’s paws less greasy than human fingers, says the cat’s human, but the screen was fine – claws aren’t as strong as glass, after all.

Steve Jobs couldn’t be reached for comment, but he was rumored to be taking this new information to R&D for Apple’s next product to capture this heretofore-unknown potential audience. Word on the street is that Apple plans to announce the iCheezburger next month.

(Via Kotaku)

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