The second chapter of the 8-bit horror adventure The Last Door is live, and that means the first chapter is now free to all.

The Last Door, if you missed out on our little chit-chat about it in April, is a web-based horror adventure game set in 1891, in which you journey to the mansion of an old friend to investigate a spot of strange unpleasantness. The visual style is seriously retro but still very appealing, and more importantly the story is dark and intriguing. Immediate access to the game was given to Kickstarter backers and anyone who donated to future development, while everyone else had to wait for the second part to be released, at which time the first part would be made free.

That magic moment is now upon us! The Last Door Chapter Two: Memories launched today, continuing its tale of Lovecraft-shaded supernatural shenanigans. In this episode, you’ll travel to a remote boarding school in Scotland to learn about “old memories and secret experiments,” and dig deeper into the trouble that began decades ago.

Like the debut chapter in the tale, the second part of The Last Door is scheduled to go free in September when chapter three is released, but there are benefits to paying for it. For one thing, it’s a “pay what you want” deal, so if you just want to pony up a buck, you can; paying more than the average (currently at €4.80/$6.30) will net you a copy of the game’s soundtrack, €15 ($19.71) will open up access to all future chapters and €25 ($32.85) lands you a spot in the “Interactive Hall of Fame,” which may or may not just mean that the developers think you’re pretty cool.

If the second chapter of The Last Door is as good as the first, it should be a brief but memorable experience and, given the medium, surprisingly creepy, too. Both chapters, one free and one not, are up now at

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