Pixellated point-and-click horror adventure The Last Door is now seeking the green light on Steam Greenlight.

The Game Kitchen, the Spanish indie studio behind the point-and-click adventure The Last Door, mused back in September about releasing a standalone version of the currently browser-based game. The idea, Raul Diez explained, would be to combine the first three or four chapters into a “season,” which would presumably be followed by future compilation seasons as they were available – something similar to what Telltale has done with The Walking Dead and Sam and Max franchises.

Diez was a little vague about the whole thing at the time but it clearly wasn’t just idle talk, as The Last Door is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight. If approved, the Steam release will compile the first three chapters of the game, which launches philosophy professor Jeremiah Devitt on a dark adventure across late 19th-century England following the receipt of a distressing letter from an old friend.

Inspired by the works of Lovecraft and Poe, The Last Door is a far more immersive experience than its low-res graphics might suggest. And if you feel any doubt, you can try before you buy, although in this case the “buy” is really just throwing it a thumbs-up on Greenlight: browser-based versions of the first two chapters are now freely available to all. Access to chapter three can be purchased by supporting the development of the fourth, which is currently underway.

Source: Steam Greenlight

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