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The Last Hope Is a Shameless The Last of Us Rip-Off Out Now for Nintendo Switch

The Last Hope Dead Zone Survival The Last of Us rip-off ripoff game Nintendo Switch review I played torture

The Last Hope – Dead Zone Survival is a post-apocalyptic story survival game for Nintendo Switch created by VG Games and West Connection Limited, and uh, yeah, it’s pretty much just a The Last of Us rip-off. The project was revealed just a few weeks ago with a trailer that teased a dramatic narrative that follows Brian Lee, a SOLDIER and FATHER sent to the future to INTERVENE in a zombie invasion and SAVE THE WORLD. A girl named Eve, who definitely doesn’t look anything at all like Ellie, joins him on his epic quest through time to stop a disaster from happening. The reveal trailer for The Last Hope is both highly entertaining and kind of a headache, and you can see it in the video below.

We could talk about how ridiculous The Last Hope’s story sounds, the basic-looking visuals, its stiff gameplay, and many other highlights, but the connections to The Last of Us don’t stop at the name. While Brian doesn’t share too much in common with Joel, Eve might as well be Ellie’s long-lost twin. She looks to be the same age as developer Naughty Dog’s original show stealer but also has a similarly decorated backpack and ponytail hairstyle. Even Eve’s shirt looks shamelessly ripped straight out of The Last of Us right down to the sleeves. There’s also the logo for The Last Hope, which is designed in a stacked fashion, not unlike the style seen for the logo for The Last of Us.

Looking at what appears to be original content in The Last Hope, things get even stranger. VG Games and West Connection ensure on its Nintendo eShop page that players can expect “storytelling and narrative” with a “captivating plot,” “immersive graphics,” “meaningful choices,” and “engaging gameplay mechanics.” While most of the footage depicts Brian’s journey as a third-person adventure, the eShop page only categorizes it as a first-person shooter. For more on the groundbreaking narrative The Last Hope aims to tell, you can read an excerpt from its story summary below:

As you navigate the treacherous city streets, you’ll encounter diverse locations that hold the key to your survival. Journey to the library to safe an innocent girl from reckless zombies, head on to the pharmacy to secure vital medical supplies, explore the police station to arm yourself with powerful weaponry, and venture into the dark depths of the metro tunnels, where unexpected horrors await. Each location presents its own set of challenges pushing you closer to your ultimate goal: escaping the city on a ship to a safer haven and saving the girl, as each life matters when all you have left is the The Last Hope.

The Last Hope is available on the UK eShop for £8.99, but if you act fast and buy before July 13, you can grab it on sale for a measly £0.99. (As a reminder, Nintendo Switch is not region-locked, and you can create a separate account for other regions on your Switch to be able to buy games from those regions.) Maybe one day we’ll see The Last Hope Part II, but until then, you can stay tuned for updates on this The Last of Us rip-off.

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