The Last of Us Remastered will get Special Execution animations the PlayStation 3’s hardware can’t handle. You just have to pay for them.

The Last of Us was one of the most talked about games of 2013, and its PlayStation 4 Remastered edition only enhanced the experience. Now developer Naughty Dog is rolling out new DLC addons for its Factions multiplayer mode, including one especially unusual option: $0.99 animations for each of its multiplayer weapon categories.

“Clearly our The Last of Us combat designer has a soft spot for a good takedown,” Naughty Dog wrote in its announcement, “and has designed some very visceral, very lethal Special Executions across nine different weapon categories. These sets of animations are available for purchase for $0.99 each.”

Animations aren’t the only features Naughty Dog will be selling for The Last of Us Remastered. You can pick up a $2.99 Tactical Weapons Bundle that includes a tactical shotgun, burst pistol, frontier rifle, and crossbow. There’s also a Risk Management Survival Skills Bundle providing new skills and health bonuses. You can even pick up gesture packs and sets of hats.

But the 99 cent executions seem especially bizarre, considering that animations are normally treated as free content alongside other gameplay features. It also means buying the full set costs just under $9, higher than any bundle price mentioned provided in the same announcement. On top of that, PlayStation 3 owners won’t have access to the full animation list, due to memory constraints on the last-gen hardware.

What do you think? Are especially violent animations themselves something you’d be willing spend money on?

Source: Naughty Dog, via Polygon

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