The Last of Us DLC

Naughty Dog is starting motion capture “next week” for a new character for The Last of Us story DLC.

The Last of Us impressed countless gamers with its dark world, gritty mechanics and harsh story of a future gone to ruin. That in mind, Sony and Naughty Dog are likely hoping it impressed people enough to make them want more. We say that because Naughty Dog took the time today to lay out its plans for future DLC and finally provided fans with some new, though still sparse, details fleshing out the nature of promised story DLC.

Namely, Naughty Dog confirmed that the single-player DLC will center on a new character we haven’t seen before, as opposed to being a continuation of Joel and Ellie’s odyssey. According to community strategist Eric Monacelli, the studio “just wrapped up a long casting process for a new character” and will start “our performance capture shoot next week.” Eager fans can expect the story DLC to release sometime in December or January.

The rest of the announcement showcased the Abandoned Territories Map Pack, multiplayer DLC which will be the first of three bits of downloadable content that fall under the umbrella of a previously announced season pass. The still mysterious story DLC will be the second part of the season pass offerings will also be “multiplayer focused” and will release in the initial half of 2014. To make the wait a little easier to stomach, Naughty Dog is adding new mutliplayer items to the season pass deal. Players who purchased the season pass will gain access to more than sixty new bits of head gear, including a nifty pigskin football cap. Players interested in buying the season pass can pick it up in the PlayStation Store for $19.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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