The popular Ninja Turtles comic The Last Ronin is becoming a AAA TMNT video game adaptation with epic action unfolding.

The Last Ronin, a Popular Ninja Turtles Comic Book, Is Getting a AAA Video Game

There are few more successful combinations in the video game world than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and video games. For the most part, when you’re beating up the Foot with the Heroes in a Half Shell, it is going to be a good time. That’s why it’s exciting to hear that we’re getting another TMNT game, but this time it looks slightly different. Per Polygon, the video game is adapting the comic series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin and is looking to be more God of War than a throwback game like Shredder’s Revenge.

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The game is planned to follow the comic series’s plot closely as it takes place in a future where only one Ninja Turtle has survived (spoilers for who that is later in this paragraph) and is seeking revenge on those who killed his brothers and Master Splinter. It is a darker and more adult tale, and the game itself will reflect that in style and gameplay. This will be a single-player action RPG in which players take control of the lone surviving turtle fighting through a futuristic New York City. In the comics, that turtle was revealed to be Michelangelo at the end of the first issue, though he fights with all four of the turtles’ trademark weapons. While players may get the chance to play as other turtles in flashbacks, this won’t be a multi-turtle, multi-player romp, but a story-driven action game.

No developer for the game was revealed yet by Doug Rosen, senior vice president for games and emerging media at Paramount Global, when he spoke with Polygon about the game. He did, however, say that the studio had found the right partner for the project to deliver the kind of AAA video game they’re hoping for with The Last Ronin. We also probably won’t see much about it anytime soon, as the game is a few years away from release, meaning it’s likely in very early stages at whatever developer is working on it. Rosen also hinted that even more Ninja Turtle games are in the works, though he didn’t give an indication of what they are. If the success of Shredder’s Revenge is any indication, we can probably guess one might be a sequel to that.

Don’t forget that we’ve also got a new TMNT movie coming out from Seth Rogen and another one in the works, plus even more TV shows as well.

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