The Live-Action Halo TV Show Gets its First Trailer


Halo: Nightfall launches on November 11, and is included in The Master Chief Collection.

Remember that awful Xbox One reveal event? Well, among all of the TV and sports, Microsoft announced that Halo would be getting its own TV spin-off series. We didn’t hear too much about it in the following year, but now, we have an official trailer and a release date. Halo: Nightfall will launch on November 11, and be included in The Master Chief Collection.

The trailer sets up the plot of the series: the covenant have developed some kind of super virus that kills only humans, and a commander has to put together a rag-tag team of ruffians on a last-ditch mission to wipe out all traces of it. There’s also a guy who “used to be a Spartan,” but no sign of the Master Chief.

The series is being produced by legendary sci-fi director Ridley Scott, and does seem to have a very high standard of production values to it. It certainly looks really cool and slick, so we’ll just have to see if the actual story is interesting enough to keep us going.

You’ll also be able to watch the series’ first episode on Twitch, as it will debut as part of Microsoft’s “Halofest” live event on November 11.

Source: Microsoft

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