The Lord of the Rings Cast Turned Into Hearthstone Cards

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Imgur user splatypus has created a deck of custom Hearthtone cards based on The Lord of the Rings.

Do you like Hearthstone: Heroes of World and Warcraft? Of course, you do. After all, what isn’t there to like about a game that blends the wide appeal of World of Warcraft with the addictive, collectible card gameplay of Magic: The Gathering? Of course, then again, maybe World of Warcraft isn’t your fantasy cup of tea. Perhaps you like your flights of card game fancy to be a bit more Tolkien-esque in nature. If that’s the case then you might want to check out the custom Lord of the Rings Hearthstone deck created by imgur user splatypus.

Comprised of 37 imaginary cards, splatypus’s gallery draws primarily on the films to create a custom and fairly unbalanced deck made up of heroes and villains from the classic fantasy opus. While these, of course, could never be integrated into Hearthstone itself, the cards are nonetheless fun to browse through. If nothing else, it’s amusing to see how he interpreted particular characters. Pippin’s “Summon 2 1/1 orcs for your opponent” ability in particular put a smile on my face. Check out the gallery and feel free to share other franchises you’d love to see to given a similar Hearthstone treatment (cough Game of Thrones cough).

Source: Imgur

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