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Screenshots of Daedelic Entertainment’s The Lord of the Rings: Gollum have been revealed, showing off our first look at the next-gen game. Gamestar shared these first screens of the stealth-focused game, offering up 11 unique pictures to flip through. The images are not only the first we’ve seen of Gollum; they are among some of the first pictures of next-gen graphics released in general.

Daedelic stated that it didn’t intend to directly pull from The Lord of the Rings films when approaching this new take on The Lord of the Rings world. As such, everything shown today provides a much different look than what many fans are used to or have even expected to see from Gollum. Though the screenshots showcase some dark sections, it looks like players will visit some of Middle-earth’s beautiful, grass-covered landscapes, too.

An interview from the start of the year about Gollum explained the game will have moments that focus on the character’s torn personality. How deeply these elements will be woven into the story remains to be seen, but the images do illustrate Gollum’s fractured psyche in action.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum should be only the start of more LotR games, as Amazon Game Studios currently has a AAA MMORPG in the works. For more thoughts on the potential of a Gollum game, read up on Kenneth Lowe’s thoughts on the matter.

Players will visit Middle-earth once again when the game comes to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X sometime in 2021.

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