The Most Awesome Game Controller In The World


There are game controllers and there are game controllers, and then there’s the Dragon Fire Breather, a gamepad with a gaping maw and glowing red eyes that looks like it will eat your fingers if you screw up that jump one more time.

On display at CES and revealed to the world via Engadget, this controller includes 12 buttons and two analog sticks, dual vibration motors and even an expansion slot for peripherals of some sort. It also features illuminated red eyes, a bloody gullet, detachable tail and a highly detailed reptilian paint job. Is this the most awesome game controller in the world? It might just be, and yet it sells for right around the $30 mark, a genuine steal for this much concentrated awesomeness.

Fans of Engrish get an added bonus by way of the unit’s instruction manual, which promises “The shape design of ‘dragon’ monster, larruping, more horror and more excited in the game.” Installation is a simple matter: “Press ‘Apply’ after enactment, then press ‘affirmance’ to exit, surely can be saved in other enactment, convenient for use next time, no need enactment again.” No need enactment again, indeed: To stop using the controller, simply “Disconnect the product USB prick” and you’re ready to go!

Okay, so the owner’s manual is an epic mangling of English syntax. That doesn’t change the fact that this is the coolest controller I’ve ever seen. One more thing: Tough luck for the console crowd, but this sucker is PC only. No Dragon Fire Breather for you!

The Dragon Fire Breather, known in the U.S. as the USB Dragon Dual Shock Scary Gamepad (seriously) is available from various online retailers.

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