The Muppets Demonstrate Danger of YouTube Videos


The Internet can be a hard place to try to catch a break, as poor Beaker learns quite well.

I can think of one good thing that came out of the failure of attempts to revive the classic Muppet Show: The Muppets are absolutely hilarious in short-form Internet-sized bits. This latest video, titled “Beaker’s Ballad,” shows the meep-lingual Muppet all classic-rock’d up in order to take on Kansas’ famous “Dust in the Wind.”

Unfortunately, inexplicable popularity of Tay Zonday aside, the Internet is a very hard place for an aspiring musician like Beaker, and scathing YouTube comments quickly put an end to poor Beaker’s aspirations of stardom.

Now, it’s no “Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody” (still possibly the single best thing I saw in all of 2009), but it’s a hilarious little video poking fun at the trials and tribulations of the Internet age.

Man, what did we even use the Internet for before YouTube?

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