The new Dark Souls trailer introduces players to a world of unpleasant beasties.

Any idiot can tell you that Demon’s Souls was hard – and they frequently will – what they don’t talk about, is how inventive the game was when it came to difficulty. It wasn’t just punishing, it was actively and creatively malevolent, like an eight-year-old frying ants with a selection of different magnifying glasses. Demon’s Souls’ spiritual (hoho) successor Dark Souls seems to be following in its predecessors footsteps, at least if this new trailer is any indication.

There’s a great degree of inventive cruelty going on here; set to a particularly catchy little tune. We’ve got a giant wolf, armed with a sword, of course. A giant flaming spider. A dragon with a pointy stick – just in case it gets tired of, you know, burning people to death. At one point we’re shown a raven the size of a small airliner followed by what appears to be a giant lobster covered in skulls. A sklobster, if you will. If Demon’s Souls is anything to go by – and developers From Software have mentioned that Dark Souls is going to be harder than its forebearer – these creatures will probably run the gamut from merely frustrating to breakdown-inducing. Joy.

Dark Souls arrives on PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 4th.

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