The latest trailer in the Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Series focuses on exploration and discovery.

We’re just over two weeks away from the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and although Bioware has canceled the game’s multiplayer beta, it is still rolling that latest trailer in the “gameplay series.” This installment is focused on how you’ll explore the galaxy in the upcoming sci-fi RPG.

There will be over 100 planets and other space bodies, including moons. Out of those planets, a “handful” of worlds can be landed on. One nice touch: all of the things in the system that you’re in are viewable out the windows of your spaceship. Each planet will also include sidequests and challenges.

The example in the video is a harsh, desert world named Elaaden. You’ll find the Krogan there, and fight to survive in the oppressive heat. You’ll need to befriend the locals, solve environmental problems, and eventually build an outpost.

You can check out the video above, and prepare yourself for the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda on PC< PS4, and Xbox One on March 21.

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