Physician, heal thyself.

Hokay, hokay, before we go any further along this happy path, bear in mind: while technically speaking there are no spoilers here, if you were hoping to approach The Day Of The Doctor with a mind as clear of plot elements as a baby’s brain, you might not want to watch this one. Well, want, that’s a tricky word, isn’t it? Very deceitful, is want. I mean, you want to watch it, that goes without saying, but do you dare watch it? That’s a different question. Fat or thin, by the way? Angry? Wise?

And welcome back, Paul McGann. If you’re at all familiar with the canon, then you know McGann as the Eighth Doctor, he who played the Time Lord in the 1996 television film intended to revitalize the franchise. If it had worked, it would have been an American-produced series, but although the Brits liked it, the pernicious American television audience rejected it. A convoluted plot that tried to shoehorn in a hell of a lot of backstory probably didn’t help its chances. But at least now we get a glimpse at what might have been …

In the meantime, relax, and consider: November 23rd. That’s the Day. Watch it in a cinema, or in the comfort of your own home, but that’s the Day we’ve all been waiting for.

Source: BBC

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