Voez is a Japanese rhythm game that can only be played using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen tablet.

Here’s some interesting news: Japanese developer Flyhigh Works has announced a rhythm game for the Nintendo Switch that can only be played while the system is in portable mode. The game is called Voez, and utilizes the Switch’s tablet touchscreen as its only form of input, meaning that it’s impossible to play while the system is in docked mode.

“This software can not play in TV mode,” warned the developer on its official website. The game is currently slated to launch alongside the Nintendo Switch in Japan on March 3, as a digital-download only title. There is currently no US release date, nor plans for localization.

While Voez is a very niche title, and may never even make it outside of Japan, it does open the door for more “tablet-only” Switch games. Mainstays of the 3DS that leaned heavily on touchscreen controls, such as Professor Layton, could eventually see themselves reborn as tablet-only Switch titles.

Source: Eurogamer

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