The Novelist, a voyeuristic first-person ghost story about a writer and his family, is just one week away.

Remember The Novelist? We first looked at it back in May, and it’s easily one of the more intriguing game ideas I’ve run across this year. Developed by Kent Hudson, it’s about novelist Dan Kaplan, who takes his family with him to spend a summer at a remote coastal home while he works on his latest book. You play as a “mysterious ghostly presence” who can read the family’s thoughts and memories and intervene in their lives, but you must also stay out of sight to ensure they don’t learn that the house is haunted.

It sounds like a stealth game (and there will no doubt be stealth elements involved) but to borrow a line from The Novelist website, it’s really a game about “life, family and the choices we make.” You can guide Dan’s career and family life as you see fit, but every decision has consequences and every choice you make will have an impact on his relationship with his wife, his son and his work.

Heavy stuff, eh? It’s obviously not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but if it sounds like yours, you’ll be able to jump in very soon: The Novelist is launching on Steam and DRM-free on December 10. “It’s been an amazing journey. The ups and downs have been huge, and it’s hard for me to believe the game is actually going to be out in the world soon,” Hudson wrote. “I truly hope you all enjoy it, and thanks again for all of your patience and support.”

The Novelist will normally sell for $19.99 but will be available at a “launch discount” for $14.99, and anyone who preorders through the game’s website will also get a free copy of the soundtrack. If you’re a die-hard Steam loyalist you’ll also be able to pick it up there (actually, here) once it’s available.

Source: The Novelist

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