The Order: 1886 Fights Monsters With Steampunk


They had tesla cannons in 19th century London, right?

Sony pulled back the curtain on a solid handful of PS4 exclusives at the company’s E3 press conference, with a few notable new IPs. One of the interesting new next-gen titles is The Order: 1886, from Ready at Dawn Studios (the folks behind the PSP God of War games) and Sony Santa Monica. So far we don’t know much more than what we can glean from the debut trailer, but it’s distinctively steampunk, and that’s enough to get my attention.

It’s a safe guess that The Order is set in an alternate history version of 1886 Victorian London. Technology seems to be all over the place, as the characters in the video step out of a horse-drawn carriage while speaking into a handheld radio and brandishing some kind of futuristic lightning gun. Airships fly overhead, in case there was any doubt of the setting’s steampunkishness.

We don’t get a good look at the monsters attacking the carriage, nor do we really have any idea who these people are or what this Order is (though smart money’s on the Knights Templar). There are four equally badass fighters, so multiplayer could be in the cards. And if this turns out to be a four-player co-op Van Helsing-style monster hunter… well, I can’t say I’d be displeased.

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