The Order: 1886 just declassified a new trailer and some gameplay footage to whet your Victorian steampunk appetites.

The titular order in The Order: 1886 was founded in a simpler era, but times change. The game’s neo-Arthurian knights are still dedicated to exterminating evil, but in the game’s steampunk industrial London, “evil” might take the form of a guy with an automatic rifle. A new trailer for the game touches on the leading organization’s rich history of fighting bad guys, and how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

As details of the PS4 exclusive title begin to emerge, a story is finally starting to come together. The order is locked in a centuries-old war between mankind and werewolves “half-breeds.” In the midst of an industrial revolution, however, new enemies are taking up arms against the ancient order. A rebellion of downtrodden citizens sees the order as wicked pawns of the city’s oppressive elite, and they’ll oppose players as more traditional “bad guys with guns” enemies.

The first gameplay previews show some combat against these rebels, and the footage proves that the developers weren’t kidding about The Order‘s advanced graphics technologies. The game’s cutscenes are indistinguishable from its gameplay, blending into an impressively cinematic experience. Combined with the grit-and-grime art direction, the visuals are top notch.

Of course, that won’t mean much if the gameplay can’t back it up. We still haven’t seen much besides predictable cover-based shooting and sneaking, so I hope The Order: 1886 still has a few tricks up its sleeves. There’s certainly time to surprise us, since there’s still no release date aside from a vague “this year.”

Source: PlayStation

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