The Order of X – Marvel Fan Art Turns Mutants Into Medieval Fantasy

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Nate Hallinan’s “The Order of X” fan art recreates a medieval X-Men team you’ll wish appeared in Secret Wars.

We’re pretty big on fan art here at The Escapist, especially the kind which completely reimagines a core concept. Not only is it a fantastic diversion, sometimes the designs are so wonderful you’ll wish the new characters had their own series. Well, since it’s Friday and Marvel’s Secret Wars is underway, why not check out Nate Hallinan’s “The Order of X”? This X-Men collection brings Marvel’s favorite mutants to a medieval fantasy world where mutants are treated as outcast monsters and sorcerers.

The Order of X redesigns nine X-Men as figures who – even with their powers – wouldn’t be entirely out of place in Game of Thrones or Dragon Age. What’s more impressive is that Hallinan went a step further and created believable backstories for each reimagined character.

Lord Xavier was paralyzed in an encounter with a black dragon, but survived to open his lands to gifted individuals. Lady Grey is a formidable archer who clashed with her parents over “unladylike behavior”. Colossus is a blacksmith who closely resembles the materials of his family trade. Wolve’rüne is a dwarf cast out from his clan, and Nightcrawler was raised by a band of elves.

The full line-up also includes Cyclops, Stormbringer, Beast, and Psylocke, each of whom fits the theme wonderfully. I don’t know if Marvel would take Hallinan up on developing these characters, but I’m still sorely tempted to bring them into a fantasy tabletop game.

Source: Nate Hallinan

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