May our framerates be high and our temperatures low.

YouTuber Dan Bull has posted an anthem for the PC gamers among us, sarcastically pitting the master race against console pea… gamers. And according to Bull, the master race will “faq your face.”

Mic drop, anyone?

As a PC-Console hybrid gamer, I’ve managed to avoid a majority of the spats regarding the superiority of one form of gaming over another – although I do often find myself tragically dependent on controllers, but that’s another story. That doesn’t change my appreciation for cute satirical raps about gaming. Especially when a nod is given to Zero Punctuation as the inspiration for the art style.

The comment section didn’t contain the brawl I expected, rather it was comprised of people saying “We’re all gamers at heart” and “Promoting pre-ordering? Really?”

Version 2 of the song, below, features minor changes. If you ask me, it was better than the first.

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