I’m actually surprised it took this long for someone to put WoW in Minecraft.

Possibly the two biggest titles in PC gaming right now are Minecraft and the still-popular juggernaut of World of Warcraft. Both are massively multiplayer games (or at least Minecraft can be), and both involve exploring a huge world and encountering creatures. The similarities pretty much end there, but crafty YouTube user Haasth22 did an excellent job lampooning World of Warcraft by “blockifying” the character creation process, the useless killing of poor little wolves and the failure of a group to tackle the Deadmines before the instance even begins.

There’s a lot of detail in the Mine of WorldCraft video so make sure you watch it in 720p HD quality if you can. That’s the only way you can read the hilarious text describing the night elf race: “Night Elves are basically evolved Trolls, and if in-game statistics are anything to go by, their race will die out due to a shortage of males any time now.” Hey, I used to have a male Night Elf priest. Not all of us dance naked on mailboxes you know!

The description of WoW‘s roles are just as funny. DPS classes can “Watch enemy health bars go down” while healers “Watch friendly health bars go up.” The silliness of Tanks is perfectly encapsulated by declaring that “You can stand in front of enemies while being told how incompetent you are and then blaming it on the Hunter.”

Sure, Haasth22’s grammar isn’t perfect, but his satire of World of Warcraft is spot on.

Thanks for the tip, DrStrangelove

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