Peter Molydeux, the brilliant Twitter parody of famed game designer Peter Molyneux, is getting his very own, real-life game jam.

“You play a father whose family dog has gone missing. You die looking for it and return home in the body of the missing dog.” That’s one of the many amazing ideas for a videogame to come from Peter Molydeux, a Twitter parody account of Peter Molyneux, a man of wild inspiration that sometimes, and only sometimes, leads to great videogames. A few others of note:

  • “You have to bake your enemies correctly before feeding them to your master. The oven? Only accessible during the ‘game over’ screen”
  • “What if you played a game where the enemies had their children chained to them?”
  • “What if NPC’s could load and save your game? You have to keep on their side otherwise they won’t save your game, load old saves etc”
  • “Romantic parkour game in which you and the love of your life must hold hands and jump around a city evading death and injury”

Molydeux’s ideas are usually outrageous, sometimes hilarious and, as Anna Kipnis of Double Fine Productions pointed out, occasionally kind of intriguing. “has there already been an indie game jam where each team picks an idea from @petermolydeux and goes for it?” she tweeted a couple days ago. “it needs to happen.”

And now, thanks to the magic of the internet, it is happening. The two-day MolyJam2012 will become a real, live thing on March 31, with more than 160 people signed up to attend events in San Francisco, Brighton, New York City, Boston, Melbourne, Seattle and Montreal. Molydeux, sadly, won’t be able to attend but in a very cool twist, Molyneux himself has signed up to follow the jam online and may actually go to the Brighton gathering.

“You control a mystical rabbit at a bus stop during Winter. You must find as many creative ways as possible to make people miss their buses.” Who wouldn’t leap at the chance to play that? You can find out more about the MolyJam2012 and grab some signup links at Google Docs.

Source: Vox Games, Kotaku

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