Playing videogames is time-consuming. Luckily, now there’s a machine that will play Pokemon X and Y while you sleep.

Becoming an expert Pokemon trainer is a labor-intensive process. You need to capture the Pokemon, hatch them, give them clever names, and train them to become expert killing machines. But, one go-getting young gamer has created a device that does much of the work for you. Appropriately enough, he calls it the Poke-O-Matic.

The device runs on an Arduino-powered microcontroller, which interprets user input and sends the information to a second microcontroller. Then the data is translated into control pad commands, which are sent to the 3DS. Once everything has been set up, the Poke-O-Matic will play Pokemon X and Y with no human interaction needed.

So far, the Poke-O-Matic can handle egg retrieval, hatching, nicknaming, and storing Pokemon, but all of the operations require that your character stay within a very well-defined area. However, a video that the machine’s creator, dekuNukem, uploaded to YouTube indicates that the device is still a work in progress. So, it may become more feature-filled as the project evolves.

DekuNukem’s 12-minute video shows the fruits of the Poke-O-Matic’s labor. After running all night, dekuNukem’s Pokemon day care was filled with 200 Honedge Pokemon, two of which were shiny.

If you’re interested in creating your very own Poke-O-Matic, dekuNukem is encouraging players to proceed with caution. “If you want to make one,” he says, “I would suggest you look at the video/code and write your own, don’t try do replicate what I did exactly, which probably won’t work.”

Source: YouTube

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