The Power Jacket MK3 Is a Real-Life Aliens Power Loader


The Power Jacket MK3 makes you harder, better, faster, stronger, and is yours for just $125,000 US.

I’m not going to lie, every kid that ever saw Aliens or played MechWarrior dreamed of one day owning their very own mech suit. Now, Japanese electronics manufacturer Sagawa Electronics has given us the chance to make that dream come true, with the Power Jacket MK3 – a real-life Aliens power loader. In a half hilarious, half serious, all awesome video promoting the suit, “Scarface Santaro” explains that the suit will let you run at faster speeds, lift heavy objects, and eat Cheetos without getting orange powder all over your fingers.

It’s all yours if you can scrape up $125,000 before the extremely limited supply runs out (there are only five suits out for grabs). The suit is only 2.25 meters tall, and weighs just 25 kilograms, so you probably won’t be crushing any houses under your iron boots, but Santaro, who’s horrific scars arose apparently due to an earlier tumble with the suit, assures us that it will actually make you cuter just by riding inside.

Other uses for the suit include making egg on rice, preparing fish in the kitchen, and “running like a ninja.” The mech is also the perfect set piece for preparing for a war, parting with your boyfriend, and other climactic life scenes.

It is hard to tell if this is a joke or for reals. Santaro’s deadpan Japanese technical explanation of the device seems pretty solid and realistic at the start of the video, but as it goes on things start to get more and more bizarre. It’s definitely worth watching the video the whole way through.

Source: Rocket News 24

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