The PS3 Will Inflict Michael Bay on Your Grandma


I’m not exactly sure, but I think the latest Kevin Butler “It Only Does Everything” PS3 ad is warning consumers that buying the Sony console will influence the elderly to watch special-effects bonanzas on Blu-Ray.

You know the deal by now: Funny, intelligible ads that actually sell the PS3, I’d marry Kevin Butler were that sort of thing legal, etc.

The latest “PS3 Only Does Everything” ads move away from talking about the system’s lineup of games for the moment. In the first, an unhappy grandchild bemoans the fact that he doesn’t get to game on his PS3 because his grandmother is using it to watch her movies on Blu-Ray – specifically, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. While I understand the kid’s plight at not being able to play Uncharted 2, were I him I’d be more concerned with why exactly my grandma was watching Explosions 2: Revenge of the Hard-to-Follow Fight Scenes. Is this a side-effect of buying a PS3? Should Sony put warning labels on these things?

The second seems more traditionally commercial-esque than the others (not that you can officially define such a thing, but I digress) as it features our man Butler working out a deal with a Best Buy employee to offer a PS3/Sony Bravia TV bundle, yadda yadda blah blah blah. If you really want to advertise that sort of bundle, Sony, stick with bashing them together on high-speed camera. The best part of ad #2 is the latter half, where two grown men spend 15 seconds just shouting the word “Boom” at each other. Not the campaign’s best effort, but entertaining enough.

Come to think of it, the Michael Bay addiction might explain the “Boom” part. My god, we might have an epidemic on our hands.

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