The Queen Plays Wii


According to an article on The People, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth has become a fan of the Nintendo Wii.

As reported by GamePolitics, the article states that Prince William received one of the popular consoles for Christmas from his girlfriend. According to a Palace source, “He loves his gadgets and boys’ toys. So it was the perfect present for him.” Unfortunately for him, when his grandmother later saw him playing with the system, she became intrigued.

“When she saw William playing a game after lunch at Sandringham she thought the Nintendo looked tremendous fun and begged to join in,” the source said. “She played a simple ten-pin bowling game and by all accounts was a natural. It was hilarious. William was in fits of laughter. He was enormously impressed at having such a cool gran. And although she is 81 the Queen’s hand-eye coordination was as good as somebody half her age.”

Her use of the Royal Wii is not the Queen’s first foray into technology. According to the report, she has kept up with mobile phone technology, owns her own iPod and began making use of a Blackberry in June of this year.

“[William’s] only difficulty now is prising it away from the Queen’s clutches,” the source said. “She showed all the signs of becoming a Nintendo addict.”

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