The Riiflex: Get A Workout, Smash Your Furniture


Here’s a good idea that’s bound to end badly: The Riiflex, an add-on for the Wii Remote that turns the wireless controller into an actual dumbbell.

The idea behind the Riiflex is simple: Gamers who want to incorporate some physical activity into their daily lives are madly waving their Wii Remotes anyway, so why not add some actual resistance to the process? By dramatically increasing the weight of the Wii controller, the benefits of playing on the system are also greatly heightened.

The Riiflex attachments are planned to come in two and five pound increments, and are cut to give full access to all Remote functions, including the trigger. The patent-pending devices are not yet available and final pricing hasn’t been set, but health-conscious gamers can sign up to pre-order the devices.

There’s only one potential problem. Remember back in the early days of the Wii, when people were flailing around like they’d been shot in the ass and Wii Remotes were being flung across living rooms all around the world? Imagine a resurgence of that phenomenon, except instead of a lightweight plastic controller being broken when it hits something, you’ve got a five-pound projectile that breaks whatever it hits – the window, the lamp, the television, your dog. Of course, you might get lucky: Maybe the strap will hold and you’ll just dislocate your wrist instead.

via: Gizmodo

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