Disney+ is creating a The Santa Clause sequel TV series starring Tim Allen, with Last Man Standing creator Jack Burditt as showrunner.

It appears that if Disney owns a property and it was ever successful, it will be making a Disney+ show of it. Yesterday it was reported a Real Steel TV show is coming, and today news comes that Disney+ is bringing back The Santa Clause for a new limited series. Tim Allen, who starred in the first three films as Santa himself, is set to return and executive produce.

The original film was a big hit for Disney and is considered a Christmas classic by many. It spawned two sequels featuring Allen as well, with the last one released in 2006. The show is going to pick up the plot that the films carried. Scott Calvin (Allen) is still Santa Claus, but he’s getting old and realizing that he’ll have to set down the Santa mantle soon. His two kids have grown up in the North Pole, and it’s time to give them more of a normal life by setting out to find the new Santa. That seems like a lot nicer way of doing it than how Scott became Santa in the first place: forced into the job after the previous Santa died on his roof.

Jack Burditt, creator Last Man Standing, will serve as executive producer and showrunner on the series. Kevin Hench will executive produce the new series, alongside Allen’s managers, Richard Baker and Rick Messina. It hasn’t been revealed yet if any other cast members from the original trilogy will be returning.

The Santa Clause definitely holds a special place in a certain generation’s heart (right next to the X-Men: The Animated Series), and Disney seems to be looking to mine that nostalgia with this new TV sequel series. Nothing makes you feel like Christmas like rehashing leftovers.

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