If Solid Snake were to spy on the Desperate Housewives, this would be his vehicle of choice.

Are you tired of skulking in the shadows when you try to spy on your neighbors? Do you want to trespass on other peoples’ lawns and not be noticed? Or do you just want to drive around in something that will make everyone’s head turn (though probably not for the reason you want them to)? Then look no further than the Terrestrial Shrub Rover, a new vehicle created by Justin Shull, a New York-based artist whose work is usually focused on environmental themes.

According to Shull’s website, the Rover was inspired by NASA’s concepts for its upcoming lunar outpost mission:

“In the spirit of NASA and its forthcoming 2020 lunar expeditions in preparation for colonizing the moon, the Terrestrial Shrub Rover presents the opportunity to explore terrestrial and social environments back on Earth from within a manned, foliage bedecked, solar electric powered rover. (also in development is an unmanned, remotely controlled, webcam version)”

This is definitely one of the more bizarre vehicles you’re likely to find on the web, but it’s certainly fascinating to watch in action. Watching this thing in action, I couldn’t help but think of how Solid Snake would totally use something like this while sneaking up on Otacon as he waters his lawn.

Source: Justin Shull via Geeks Are Sexy

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