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[NOTE: This walkthrough original ran on GameFront way back in 2013 and is being reposted here complete with archived YouTube videos.]

The Stanley Parable, an often-times hilarious Half-Life 2 mod turned full release has been greenlit on Steam and here we’ll show you how to unlock each secret ending. Arbitrary choice is the name of the game — your unnamed protagonist follows a mysterious narrator’s instructions to the end of the story.

Doing what you’re told isn’t the goal. It only leads to an unsatisfying conclusion. Instead, you’ll need to make many choices, in different orders, to find special and awesome endings. Learn more about the parable below.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Ending 1 – Freedom

Welcome to the Stanley Parable! In this video construct, you (the player) will play the part of Stanley (the not player). You (as Stanley, not yourself) will be guided by a mysterious narrator and his dulcet tones, and it will be up to you (Stanley, or yourself, or both?!) to decide if you’ll follow the instructions given, or if you’ll wander off the beaten path.

In gameplay terms, you’ll often reach a point of divergence in which you’re given an option. Different options will lead to a different ending! New endings are cool, so you’ll want to do different things! It’s a game!

This is your first convergence point. To get this specific ending you’ll need to follow the narrator’s instructions, to the letter.

Which means take the left door. Proving that you’re totally okay with following orders in the videodrome and that you have no interest in rocking the boat, keep traveling the preordained path. Be sure to stop and relax at the scenic broom closet for some amusing dialog!

Another Choice! Well, you want freedom, right? So go up the stairs. And fast! Or slow. Just be sure to GO UP THE STAIRS if you want to be free!

You made it to the boss’ office! To continue, you’ll need to use the secret code on the keypad behind the desk. The code you should never know. 2845.

Here’s a toughie. Walk forward to the Ominously named Mind Control Facility, or run to freedom’s loving bosom. Thankfully, if you want the normal ending, you have no choice and therefore Forward is the correct (possibly ironic?) option.

Here it is! The final Choice! Hit the OFF switch to finally free yourself of this madness.

And here, at the end of all things, Stanley has broken the tether that controls him. So do what the narrator says and step forward! You even get an achievement! Now shut the game down and feel content in your accomplishment.

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Ending 2 – Control

If you really love following orders until the very last moment, This is the end for you! To get this one, go ahead and do everything the narrator instructs you to do. That is, Take the LEFT door, go UP the stairs, go FORWARD to the Mind Control Facility, but then, instead of pressing the OFF button, hit that big happy ON button!

If you’re an order-follower but a begrudging one, when at the boss’s office, hurry up and input “2845” on the console before the narrator is able to tell you what the code is. I’ll do everything you say, but I do it at my pace, dammit!

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Ending 3 – Escape

Here’s where things get a little more virtual, or divergent, whatever. Once again, do as commanded or suggested or implicated or whatever, and travel through the LEFT door then UP the stairs. Now to taste the beautiful bold barbecue taste of freedom, so instead of heading forward to the mind control facility, take a left toward the ESCAPE passage.

Freedom may not be delicious, and it certainly isn’t free, but.. well, I’m sure someone will edit something profound here. Surely.

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Ending 5 – Confusion

Finally! The RIGHT, the RIGHT! Not the left! You’re tired of that nasty ole’ narrator and you’re not going to take it anymore! On that first decision, take the RIGHT, narrative continuity be damned! Go ahead and hang out at the office lounge for a spell, revel in your rebellious ways. After leaving, take the door to your left as offered.

Well, you could get back on track, but that maintenance elevator looks interesting. Go to the elevator and push the button to get ending 5.

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Ending 6 – Apartment

Gotta break free! Take the RIGHT at the two doors, then travel forward instead of getting back on track. You’re a free man. If you want to get the proper version of this ending, stay on the lift, don’t attempt to jump to your premature death. That would be unbecoming.

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Ending 7 – Peace

This one is a continuation from the previous ending path, so take that RIGHT and go FORWARD down the hall. But instead of simply riding the lift and allowing yourself to be manipulated by the devious whims of the erstwhile narrator, JUMP from the lift onto the floating catwalk attached to the open door.

[Fall to Stanley’s death here to get an alternate ending.]

Go ahead and travel through the RED door. I think the narrator’s being perfectly reasonable, don’t you?

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Ending 8 – A Thing With A Baby

This ending my sound self-explanatory, but for clarity’s sake I’ll give you the quick rundown. First Choice: Right Door, Second Choice: FORWARD, jump on the CATWALK from the lift. From there you are presented with two doors: Red and Blue. For this one, take the blue door. As the title implies.

A twist! You’re teleported out, but keep at it. Go through the blue door again. Again you’ll be teleported but don’t go into that red door! Turn around on the spot and head into the blue door behind you, you’ll be happy you did.

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Ending 10 – Out The Window

Here’s an interesting one. Put on your pith helmet and go exploring! Lucky you don’t have to go far. This ending actually requires some explanation, so follow along for a minute.

The objective of this ending is to go out the window. In the first room after leaving your office, you’ll see two windows, one overlapping with a cubicle. There are two chairs on it, go for the RIGHT-most one and attempt to ram yourself into it until you find yourself standing on it.

At this point you’ll want to CROUCH to get ontop of the computer monitor and from there you’ll want to proceed into the white light of the window.

Go into the light, Stanley.

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Ending 11 – Escape Pod

This one’s pretty tricky. When given the first option, take the LEFT and go UP the stairs to your boss’s office. But stop! Don’t go in yet, it’s a trap!

What you’ll want to do this time is take a few steps into the office, then immediately back out. If done properly, you should be able to beat the double doors and be trapped outside the office.

Now you’ll want to head back to YOUR office, so retrace your steps.

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Ending 12 – Broken Story

This ending is an alternative to the Apartment ending, which follows the Disobedience path, you know the gist. The Basics are: Take the RIGHT, go FORWARD in the hallway, take the LIFT to the end of the platform.

It’s here, at the phone where you make your stand. Pull out the plug! You’ll be no patsy to the narrator’s telephone

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Ending 13 – Heaven

This one requires some clicking prowess. While exploring the game, you’ll sometimes run into a computer screen like the screenshot above. Give that sucker a click and feel the ensuing wave of positive energy engulf your digiform.

What you’ll want to do is find a screen, click it and then restart.

The first two screens can be found in before the two doors, while the third is found in the room before the boss’s office. The fourth is again found before the two doors, and the last is in Stanley’s very own office! How ominous?

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Ending 14 – Serious

To get this, insert ‘-dev -console’ into the launch options, then when the game starts, open up the dev console using the ‘~’ key and attempt to put in this command a few times: ‘sv_cheats 1’

Let’s get serious!

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Ending 15 – Transcendence

Do you like endings you’ll never see? To see this one, you’ll need to go on the “blue door” path. Once you get to the narrator’s baby game, do what he says. Press that button for four hours.

After about an hour, or two hours, another button will appear which is the puppy game the narrator mentioned earlier! So now you’ve got two buttons to quickly alternate pressing. There’s really no “tape rock to mouse” option for this one, you’re actually going to have to sit there and click for four hours.

Find your center, breath and repeat. The button is your totem and tyranny is freedom. If you want to know the future, imagine a finger pressing a red button. Forever.

[Credit for this find goes to Hetsuv on Youtube.]

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