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Patrick Warburton plans to revive his cult-hit giant blue superhero on Amazon

Ben Edlund’s 1986 indie comic book hero The Tick is fondly-remembered as the star of a hit Saturday morning cartoon that ran for three seasons on Fox Kids in the 90s. However, despite critical acclaim and (later) cult-classic pedigree, an ambitious live-action adaptation in 2001 failed to find an audience – producing only nine episodes.

But the live-action Tick has since become a cult classic, and one of it’s most ardent fans remains its star, Patrick Warburton. Though primarily famous recently as a voiceover actor (Family Guy’s Joe Swanson and Venture Bros’ Brock Samson, among others) Warburton played The Tick in all nine episodes and has been keen to revive the role. According to The Wrap, he has helped work out a deal with Sony to bring the show back as a pilot for; which would then be made available for online viewing to gauge interest in a full order for the series.

First created by Edlund in 1986 as the mascot for New England Comics, The Tick is a parody of superhero tropes. The titular main character is an musclebound “nigh indestructible” superhuman who wears a blue costume and has no connection to ticks whatsoever save for a pair of antennae. His sidekick, Arthur, wears a moth costume that allows him to fly. In the live-action series they typically adventured with Batmanuel (a Latino Batman-parody) and Captain Liberty – both revised versions of heroes from the cartoon (Die Fledermaus and American Maid, respectively.) No word if any of the other original actors will reprise their roles.

Source: The Wrap


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