The Venture Bros. is finally back after an almost three-year hiatus.

Earlier in the month we learned that Adult Swim favorite The Venture Bros. was finally coming back for a sixth season, following a hiatus that has lasted almost three years. The January 31 premire date for the season’s first episode is rapidly approaching, and Adult Swim has released this extended teaser trailer to help whet our appetites, and give us an idea of what direction the sixth season will head.

First and foremost, it looks like Team Venture is leaving the (relative) safety of the Venture compound to head into New York City, where a whole new suite of superheroes and supervillains are afoot (don’t worry butterfly fans, as it looks like the Monarch and his cronies will also be along for the ride).

It also looks like Rusty was finally able to make some big money off of his inventions (or, he managed to pull off a pretty big scam), as the family appears to be rolling in it.

Season 6 will feature eight new episodes, after which we will have to wait God-knows how long for the next one…

Source: Adult Swim

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