You must be 15 or older to kill zombies.

As if the triple threat of poisonous spiders, poisonous snakes and poisonous beer wasn’t enough, Australians will now have to deal with a new deadly predator, the undead. As Telltale told IGN earlier today, The Walking Dead has been classified for release and should be available to download on PSN and XBLA “very soon.” The PC version has been available on Steam, the iOS app store and Telltale’s own store since launch.

So what if you want to buy an actual meat-space copy from one of the game stores dotted around the scorching hellscape Australians call home? Telltale will announce a retail release date in the coming weeks.

Telltale was apparently waiting for the introduction of Australia’s long-overdue R18+ classification to submit the game for review. Yet despite its violent, often disturbing, content, The Walking Dead has managed to scrape by with an MA 15+ rating. According to the Australian classification board, the game’s theme and depiction of violence fall into the “strong impact” category, while its handling of drug use and sex has only a “mild impact.” Oddly enough, the game’s “language” classification is recorded as “none.” Censorship probably isn’t on the cards. The game’s “version” is recorded as original, so the language rating is likely an error rather than an indication that Australian gamers will encounter a lot of “fudging zombies.”

Source: The Australian Classification Board

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