The Walking Dead got a marketing shot in the head arm, thanks to a brilliant marketing stunt that involved a zombie invasion of a fake movie trailer.

Here in North America (or at least in Sacramento), the marketing for The Walking Dead seems to be limited to TV commercials and posters. Admittedly, they’re usually pretty good, but some marketing folks in South Africa managed to set the bar a whole lot higher. Not only did they craft a fake movie trailer for an audience to watch, but they then had a zombie crash it in the most unexpected of ways.

Here’s the scenario: The theater audience is packed and gets treated to what looks like an insipid rom-com trailer about two attractive young people who live next door to one another. Now, these two can’t stand one another until (wait for it) they realize there may be something more there and … Forget it, the trailer’s not worth any more of my words, but it definitely seems like a zombie attack would make this whole experience much more tolerable.

Now, suddenly, a zombie stumbles into the theater and startles the bejeebus out of everyone. Maybe he’ll snack on one of those people who laughed at the “joke” about ten seconds earlier (which would serve them right). But then … There’s no zombie attack. And then something else unexpected happens (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you), that makes you love life just a little more. Needless to say, this is arguably one of the best things you’ll watch today.

Attention marketing firms: The gauntlet has been thrown. I eagerly await similar campaigns on this side of the Pond.

Source: Topless Robot

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