This week on the Week In Review: Boring virtual spaces, self-help role-playing, console theft, Team Ico and Australian opinions.

Home Run for…er…Home


Sony has reported that it’s Home service on the PSN has hit the 10 million user mark. That’s not active members of course, just the number of people who have logged into Home at least once. It sounds like Sony is trying to improve Home’s lousy retention rate with some cool new spaces. How these new spaces, based on Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank will be an improvement on the existing spaces that have failed to capture anyone’s attention, is unclear at this point however. (link)

What’s Your Fortitude Save?


Unless you’re one of those freakish robot people that just quits one day and never looks back, giving up smoking is more than a little challenging, but have no fear, because the power of nerdcore and Dungeons & Dragons can help. Eminent nerdcore star MC Frontalot has revealed the method he used to give up smoking, and it’s deliciously nerdy. Using a set of custom RPG rules – and some willpower, of course – Frontalot managed to beat his addiction. Hit the link for more info, your lungs might just thank you for it. (link)

Can You Describe The Console, Ma’am?


Console theft is on the rise, and not just a little bit, either. According to the FBI, console theft has nearly quadrupled since 2007, with 42,615 consoles reported stolen in the U.S. this year. “Local and state police officers routinely see a spike in these type of crimes during the holiday season,” said FBI Special Agent Jason Pack. “Stolen electronics are easily sold on the street for quick cash.” On a related note, does anyone want to buy a PS3? (link)

Standing in Its Shadow


Web listings on the websites of Japanese retailers are suggesting that Team Ico’s beloved PS2 games, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, might be getting re-releases ahead of the team’s latest offering, The Last Guardian. According to the Team Ico Gamer blog, “all major Japanese retailers” are listing “Wanda and the Colossus (Best Edition)” – which despite sounding like a Saturday morning cartoon, is the Japanese name for SotC – for release in early February next year. I have very little else to add to this except: SQUEEEEEE! (link)

Australia Asks Grown Ups for Their Opinions


Are you Australian and one of the many adult gamers tired of being treated like a child? Well, your government wants to hear from you as it gathers opinions on changes to the country’s videogame certification laws with the release of a discussion paper on whether or not at R18+ rating for games should be given consideration. However, regardless of what the paper uncovers, Michael Atkinson still has to agree to any changes in the law, and he has been less than accommodating so far. (link)

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