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On this week’s edition CliffyB lays down his arms and Master Chief makes his Bollywood debut.

CliffyB Will not be Tooled-up on Jimmy Fallon


Cliff Bleszinski, better known as CliffyB – much to his chagrin – has confirmed that he will not be going on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon armed. According to the designer’s Twitter feed, the announcement happening next week – whatever it might be – will be a more reserved affair than the announcement of Gears of War 2 at GDC 08. Will Gears of War 3 be revealed, or will it some other Epic property? One thing is for sure, nothing is getting sawn in half. Well, probably not anyway. (link)

Halo Movie Gets Trailer


It’s been a long time coming, but Halo is finally making its way to the big screen. Ok, that’s not entirely true, but that doesn’t change the fact that the mocked-up Bollywood style trailer is amazing. Halo depicts the love between John 117, better known as Master Chief, and Cortana, through the medium of dance. As April Fools’ pranks go, this one was pretty epic. Hit the link for the video. (link)

Porn Star Gamer Wants to Mix Business and Pleasure


Belladonna, an adult film actress of some renown, has revealed that in her spare time, she is a big gaming fan and especially loves to play World of Warcraft. She’s also expressed an interest in mixing her work and her hobby together: “I’d love to dress up as my Priest on World of Warcraft and do a scene like that. I remember I shot a scene with Kimberly Kane where we were both playing the Wii, and we were supposed to be nerd girls then yeah, the sex started to happen. I’ve been thinking about it before, but now I’m really interested in it.” (link)

Viral Videos, Kids and Scarface


Popcorn in place of cocaine, toy guns and ‘fudging’ used in place of other, harsher, invective might not be a faithful rendition of Scarface, but when you’re working with kids, you have to make some compromises. A two minute video, which apparently showed elementary school kids re-enacting the very adult 1983 movie turned up on the internet this week. Naturally it was a fake, but it was hilarious all the same. Hit the link to watch for yourself. (link)

Heavenly Sword Dev Made No Money on Game


If your game sells a million and a half copies, you’d think that that would net you quite the tidy sum, but that’s not necessarily the case, not if you’re a small independent studio like Ninja Theory. “It’s difficult. Heavenly Sword came out pretty early on the PS3, and we sold, I think, a million and a half copies, and that’s still not enough as an independent studio to break even,” said Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniade. “The publisher potentially breaks even at that point, but the developers don’t.” (link)

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