On this week’s edition, Ryu and Ken duke it out in a fan made film to rival anything Hollywood has produced, and Boomers go all soft and cuddly.

Kotick’s Hands Were Tied With Ward and Zampella


Bobby Kotick claims that he had no choice but to fire Infinity Ward leads Jason Ward and Vince Zampella, saying that he considered the two to be personal friends and that they had compromised that friendship. “The decision to terminate the two executives was not done lightly, and was not done to deprive them of their bonuses,” Kotick said. “We did this to protect the company’s assets and the interest of our shareholders.” (link)

Street Fighter Fan-Film Is Amazing


If you’ve seen the Street Fighter movie or the more recent Legend of Chun-Li you’d be forgiven for thinking that anything live-action involving Street Fighter is doomed to suck. Fortunately, you’d be wrong, as a short fan made film, depicting an epic battle between Ryu and Ken, provs. It’s incredibly well made and will restore at least some of your faith in Street Fighter movies. Hit the link for the video. (link)

Star Wars, in Two Minutes, in Lego


Ok, Lego Star Wars is one thing, but this, well this is a whole other thing. What this is, is the entire original Star Wars trilogy recreated in stop-motion animation using Lego in around two minutes. All the major events are there, and it’s amazing quality animation. Best of all it’s packed full of little touches, for eagle-eyed fans to spot. Hit the link to watch the video. (link)

Spider-Man Foils Comic Theft


A would be comic-book thief tried to steal a $150 comic from an Australian comic book store on Free Comic Book Day, but was foiled by none other than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The Store owner was dressed up as everyone’s favorite web-slinger to promote the event, and managed to get the book back after some Jedi prevent the man from leaving. (link)

Hug a Boomer!


Valve has added a new item to its range of merchandise, a huggable, plush boomer from the Left 4 Dead games. The thing costs fifty bucks, but it’s a decent size and has a range of authentic boomer sounds like “Bluuuuerrrgghh” and “BOOM!” It’s the ideal thing to snuggle up to if you have a thing for grotesquely bloated, bile spewing, undead zombie bombs. (link)

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