This week Mojang and Bethesda get in a fight over Scrolls, Twin Peaks goes 8 bit and Lego goes virtually mobile.


Zynga Wishes That They Had Created Moneyville

Zynga’s profits are down 95% from last year. Not to worry, your farm/mafia/city-ville is safe as the company’s profits may have fallen but their worth has grown. (Link)


Mojang And Bethesda Go To Court Over Scrolls

Mojang is developing Scrolls and Bethesda, creater of the Elder Scrolls series has an issue with this. Bethesda, to be fair, apparently owns the word “scrolls.” This all could have been avoided had Bethesda agreed to Marcus “Notch” Persson’s offer to settle it all with a game of Quake 3 Team Deathmatch. (Link)


Twin Peaks Revived In 8-bit Form

If you thought that Twin Peaks was gone you would be wrong. In a very Twin Peaks type twist it turns out that it wasn’t dead but hiding in the obscure shadows of the Black Lodge waiting for the right time to come out and play. (Link)


Engineers Construct Lego Ford Explorer

Ford tries its best to remind people that they still exist by creating a version of one of it’s cars in petroleum based plastic blocks. Way to buck the trend of oil reliance. On the upside…Legos! (Link)


Middle-Aged Gamer Goes Off The Reservation

In the UK 46-year-old Mark Bradford got fed up with a 13-year-old’s in game taunting on Call of Duty: Black Ops so he finds the kid and throttles him like he’s one kill away from a kill streak. (Link)

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